Anti-Feminist litigation, investigations, and advice on general corporate matters.
M.B.A. Columbia University Business School with Honors, J.D. George Washington University Law School with High Honors.


Attorney and Business Consultant, New York, N.Y., 2000-Present
Litigate civil cases, including men's rights, immigration fraud, insurance subrogation, and RICO. 
Advise businesses on corporate governance, contracts and litigation. 

Kroll Associates Russia, Moscow, Russia, 1999-2000
Managed and upgraded Kroll’s delivery of intelligence and security in the former Soviet Union.

Attorney, New York, N.Y., Russia, Ecuador, 1990-1999
Counseled companies, individuals, and nonprofit organizations in America, Russia, and Ecuador on legal and
business issues, including international financing and marketing.

Cravath, Swaine & Moore, New York, N.Y., 1986-1989
As an associate wrote briefs, took and defended depositions, and prepared expert witnesses in a variety of Fortune 500 company cases.

U.S. Department of the Treasury-Honors Program, Washington, D.C., 1985-1986
Attorney in the Office of Chief Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service: Interpretative Division.

WABC TV News, New York, N.Y., 1980-1981 
Political Producer, Writer, and Assignment Editor.


Columbia Business School, New York, N.Y., 1995-1997
MBA 1997. Coursework focused on Finance. Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.

George Washington University Law School, 1983-1985
J.D. 1985. Order of the Coif Honor Society.

Brooklyn Law School, 1981-1983
Moot Court Honor Society. American Jurisprudence Awards in Property, Torts, and Criminal.


New York State Supreme Court-First Department No. 2168805, U.S. District Courts for the
Southern and Eastern Districts of N.Y., U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court.
(Complete Resume)



Business World Weekly
           'A Fair Market Is Not a Free-For-All Market', June 9, 1992,
           'Doing Business with Americans', September 22, 1992,                                     
           'More Nomenklatura Privatization', November 17, 1992,
           'A Fairer Form of Privatization', December 8, 1992,
           'The Need for a Constitutional Convention', April 23, 1993.

Law Gazette
           'To Each According To His Ambition', No. 7-8 (120-121), 1994,
           'Russians Caught By the Throat', No. 25-26 (138-139), 1994,
           'What It Was?', No. 35 (148), 1994.

Papers Presented:

          'Key Regulations for a Fair Economy', May 18-24, 1992, Intertraining’s Second International Forum on the Economy of Russia,
          'A More Effective Privatization', November 16-20, 1992, Intertraining’s International Congress on Privatization and Finance,
          'The Problems with Foreign Assistance', May 24-29, 1993, Intertraining’s Third International Forum on the Economy of Russia
          (paper also published by the Russian Academy of Sciences).

Media Coverage:


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Jan. 15, 2014               Anti-feminist lawyer sparks furore over male studies course, Andrew Trounson, The Australian
Jan. 14, 2914               Pathetic bid for victimhood by portraying women as villains, Tory Shepherd, The Advertiser
Jan. 14, 2014               University of South Australia gives controversial Male Studies course the snip, Tory Shepherd, Herald Sun
Jan. 14, 2014               University of South Australia distances itself from males studies proposals, Amy McNeilage, Sydney Morning Herald
Jan. 12, 2014               Lecturers in world-first male studies course at University of South Australia under scrutiny, Tory Shepherd, The Advertiser


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May 16, 2010               VAWA, Don Russell Show, WBT-AM, Charlotte, N.C.
May 14, 2010               VAWA, KFOR-AM News, Lincoln, Nebraska at 22:25 min.

April 21, 2010              Lawsuit against CU women's studies dept. dismissed, Columbia Spectator


Nov. 28-29, 2009         Alvin Ailey N.Y. Hip-Hop Dance, Kat Wildish Showcase:  Trust A Try, Trust A Try Close UP, Give It To You
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March 1994               Time of Business People, Produced by Telecompany BK TV KT:  “The Need for Securities Regulations”
Feb     1994               Time of Business People, Produced by Telecompany BK TV KT:   “An American Lawyer in Russia”


Proficient with Excel, Word, Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg, and the Internet.  Take hip-hop classes and martial arts for those who give me a hard time about hip-hop