Early Years



Too young to escape

Midland Park, N.J.

Photograph of Roy and Nemesis

Age 9

Beaverkill, N.Y.

Our gang torches rich lawyer's gardening shed, we take to the hills but surrender when we run out of candy bars.

Age 16

Wyckoff, N.J.

Too young to drive in N.J., totaled three cars, nicknamed “Wheels.”

Age 17Midland Park, N.J.

High school photos one, two and three.

Summer 1965, buddy and I hitch-hiked to Miami, had little money, ate ice cubes at one point.  We didn't tell our parents, so they got the State Police searching for us --we finally surrendered.

Age 18

Boulder, Colo.

Lost years

Age 19

Northeastern N.J.

U.F.O.s:  Anna V’s first visit

 Boulder, Colo.Univ. of Colorado lacrosse, center middie
   RFK Presidential Campaign
Age 20

Isle Vista, Cal.

Went underground to dodge the Draft.

 Boston, Mass

Students for a Democratic Society:  Knew the movement was over when Candice Bergen, fashionably dressed in Madison Ave. Mod, spoke at a D.C. demo following Kent State, and the Weathermen started blowing up toilets--couldn't see the relevance of that.

Age 23

Boulder, Colo.

Freaks v. Pigs Bowl:  That’s me with the shades and beard.


University of Colorado Rugby


St. Louis, Mo.
San Francisco

Summer of softball at John Burroughs School and partying with teenie boppers plus hitchhiking with a buddy to S.F. North Beach to catch the all-nude girl dancers.

Age 24

Northern Ireland

Looking to join the I.R.A. but they weren’t accepting Dutch protestants.  However, enjoyed throwing rocks at the British soldiers in Derry.  They fired back with their assault rifles on auto but hit the lamp post next to me.  I.R.A. thought I was C.I.A., so I went home.



Philadelphia, Pa.

Roy v. Rizzo’s Pigs
Columbia College rugby tour of Europe

Age 25New York, N.Y.

George McGovern Presidential Campaign for the upper Westside of Manhattan, reform democratic politics at the Riverside Club

Age 26

New York, N.Y.

Helped instigate, organize and lead a partially successful workers strike at Columbia University plus other labor activity.


Albany, N.Y.
and New York, N.Y.

Legislative aide for N.Y. State Senator Sidney von Luther, investigated Percy Sutton and Carl “Cash” McCall’s hidden interests in a $30 million State contract to develop the N.Y. State Office Building site on 125th Street.

1975New York, N.Y. Committee for a 1974 Presidential Election to replace Nixon and prevent the confirmation of Gerald Ford as Vice President.


New York, N.Y.

Al Lowenstein’s Citizen Coalition to Re-open the RFK Assassination Case.
      Facts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


New York, N.Y.

WNEW-TV News, undercover on a Medicaid fraud story.
News Director wanted to make me a reporter but couldn't because it would have caused problems with the F.C.C., since I was not a girl.


Grand Cayman, Bahamas

Old Blue Rugby, Caribbean Tour, one of the players almost gets us busted at the hot Grand Cayman Club “Apollo 11” on the eastern end of the island when he wisecracks to a narcotics officer "where can we get some grass?" Photos one and two.

In the Bahamas, police escorted me to a game after threatening to arrest me for the theft of a motor bike.

 New York, N.Y.

Worked undercover for the media as assistant campaign manager for a mob judge backed by the Gambino and Managano crime families and Roy Cohn.

1978 Bronx, N.Y.

My NYC Councilwoman girl friend arranged for me to me an IRA "recruiter."  No offer, should have worn combat fatigues instead of a suit.



New York, N.Y.

WABC-TV News, D'Amato beats Holtzman; confrontation with Robert Strauss, Pres. Carter’s 1980 campaign chairman.


Brooklyn, N.Y.

Law School internship with Chief Judge Jack Weinstein.  Former Gotti lawyer James M. LaRossa tried but failed to keep me from getting the internship.


Washington, D.C.

Washington Rugby Football Club

1986Washington, D.C. U.S. Department of the Treasury-Internal Revenue Service, Interpretative Division.
The Associate Chief Counsel said it was his job “to make sure people with hands across the White House get what they want.”  So when a wealthy California family with “hands across the White House” wanted to dissolve a multi-billion dollar trust (unheard of under 500 years of trust law) without tax consequences, I stopped them and quickly blew town.

The former and still evil empire

Articles, Speeches, Writings, Interviews, and Tales


Quito, Ecuador

Provided economic advice to a pistol-packing presidential candidate of Ecuador.  Too bad he lost.

Formative Years Narrative

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1965 Spring and Summer
1965 Florida Trip to July 1968
1967 Underground in Cal. to 1970 Boston
1971 Summer St. Louis and Later
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